Make a No Budget Movie: Chapter Eighteen

December 23rd, 2011
Final Cut 
But . . . I couldn’t let it go. I’d spent too much time and effort to cast the project aside before it truly felt finished. Now I regretted my hasty, impatient work on the modern sequence. It just dragged the film down. It was too long, it slowed the narrative, and just seemed a little silly. Some who have seen it disagree, but I didn’t like it and needed to do something about it.
Tom Saxon twenty years on. 

Make a No Budget Movie: Chapter Seventeen

King’s College is lovely in the spring.

Two months after shooting the modern sequence, I had a complete cut of the film. I’d removed the entire antique shop sequence, so the movie was shorter than planned at 78 minutes, but it was still feature length. I was pleased and relieved to have it finished, and basked in the glory of the achievement to some degree. I was proud of myself.  I’d made a movie at night, in my rec room, on my home computer using basic home video equipment. And it wasn’t half bad.