A Tale of Bloody Creek

In the summer of 2009 I decided to take Rec Room Movies out of the rec room and do something a little more ambitious. I had already shot a five minute Star Wars fan film which, though it will never see the light of day, was nevertheless the most pro-looking thing I had done, and demonstrated that it was time that I embarked on a more serious project (if I wanted to and could find the time, that is). The result was a short feature entitled A Tale of Bloody Creek. Shot entirely on my Canon HV20 with a budget of exactly zero dollars (well, I did buy the cast granola bars and juice packs one day), it tells the story of a group of New England irregular troops chasing a group of Acadian/Mi’kmaq irregulars in the woods of Nova Scotia during the French and Indian War. I’m still tinkering with it, but so far the film has turned out all right.

I submitted a 20 minute cut to the Toronto International Film Festival, the Atlantic Film Festival, and Sundance, and got three rejections. But they were nice rejections of the “please send us more work” variety. So I will.

The more work includes a film set during the American Revolution, a green screen space epic, and, someday, a budgeted version of Bloody Creek called Son of the Fox.