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I love films and think I love working on them even more than I love writing prose. At present I’m a dabbler, but I’d like to do more film work in future.

At present I’ve had two minor film successes. One was the screenplay for Mike Fox’s short film A Lesser Sort of War. The other was my no budget feature film , the first major production from Rec Room Movies.

Rec Room Movies

Ever since Grade 5 I’d wanted to make a movie.  Back in 1979 the only option was Super 8, and that was really no option at all, so I was out of luck.  But today, with cheap HD video cameras that shoot in 24 p, anyone can be a filmmaker!  If you can tell a story, that is. 

Just for fun, in the long dull winter of 2007, I took my little SD Canon camcorder and started making a series of short films with family members as the “actors.” Each film celebrated a different genre, and all were shot against a makeshift green screen (a St Patrick’s Day table cloth) in my rec room. Just for fun, I called my film “company” Rec Room Movies.  I think we made about twenty short films on both SD and HD video.